Committed to protecting the environment

Dyers Logistics are committed to achieving environmental improvements and protecting the environment through implementing a management system with objectives & targets. One step at a time, we hope to minimise our ecological footprint and promote sustainable growth.

What are Dyers doing?

As the transport sector is a major source of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels we are in the position to help reduce emissions and Dyers are always working with our partners to make this happen. Focusing on the Government implemented plan of zero net emissions by 2050, we are consciously taking steps to ensure this can be achieved.

All Vehicles meet Euro 5 emissions standards or above

Dyers recently purchased a fleet of 5 Scania Euro 6 engines. Euro 6 engines are economical, reduce emissions and increase performance. These vehicle can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 92%.

Improving fuel economy including:

  • Real-time monitoring fuel consumption and reduced fuel usage targets for all business units
  • Introduction of telematics and high focus on driver training to improve driver practices
  • Smarter planning through network and route optimisation
  • Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Refrigerated Vans – Dyers use Refrigerant Gas R452A, benefits include:

  • 45% less damaging to the ozone layer
  • Electric standby for pre loads
  • High efficiency Units – lower noise and reduced emissions.

Read our Environmental Policy (pdf)

Solar Panels - Bairnsdale depot

Solar panels being installed on Dyers depot roofInstalled solar panels on Dyers depot roof



Installed solar panels on Dyers depot roof

Dyers have partnered with East Gippsland Solar and have recently installed a 56KW Solar system to offset power cost and help reduce the impact to the environment.

This system includes 160 x 350 WATT REC panels optimised with a Solaredge system, meaning that each set of 2 panels has individual power optimisers attached to them – allowing the best possible output for each panel.

As well as this the Solaredge system offers real time monitoring of the system via wifi to the inverter. Not only are you able to see how much solar is being produced in total but what each individual panel is producing at any time during the day, how much the building is using and how much is being fed back into the grid.

Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and dramatically benefits the environment. We are pleased to be able to implement this into our Bairnsdale depot and look forward to replicating this into other depots in the future.