Vision, Mission and Values

“We are a team of committed industry professionals who deliver safe, efficient and best practice logistics services for our valued customers on time, every time”

Our Vision

To be the first choice for logistics services in Australia based on Safety, Service, Efficiency and Reputation


To safely and legally transport, store and handle our customers goods in the most efficient way and deliver it on time and in the best possible condition EVERYTIME!

Core Values


Corporate talk: We are responsible for our own conduct & actions and we make others accountable for their conduct & actions

Truckie talk: "Fair Dinkum"


Corporate talk: We bring diverse people on a journey of opportunity and growth

Truckie talk: "Fair Go"


Corporate talk: We provide honest, ‘Up Front’, proactive and timely communication

Truckie talk: "No Bull"


Corporate talk: We care about our people, our customers, our communities and our reputation

Truckie talk: "Give a Shit"


Corporate talk: We set high standards for ourselves and for others

Truckie talk: "Fussy"


Corporate talk: Best practice and best value always wins over lowest cost

Truckie talk: "Smarter"


Corporate talk: We work hard to be at the forefront in Safety & Service and reducing our impact on the environment.

Truckie talk: "Leaders"

Overriding Ethos

It’s ‘Our people’ that make the difference