Continuous Improvement

Striving for increased efficiencies in all aspects of our logistics operation

We continuously strive for increased efficiencies & continuous improvement in all aspects of our operation. For optimum results we work closely in working groups with our customers & suppliers.

For continuous improvement to work effectively there must be a win win relationship and a collaborative forum involving all stakeholders with a broad range of skills to provide open input.



The Continuous Improvement Group (CI Group) have clear terms of reference (purpose), agenda and meeting schedule.

For Dyers Continuous Improvement covers more than just price. We must continuously improve but never compromise…

  • Our Safety and the Environment
  • Legal compliance
  • Product/load integrity
  • Important Customer Relationships
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Reliability/dependability
  • Customer Service

If we do not achieve continuous improvement in all elements we have failed.