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Excellence in Agribusiness awards

Dyers are proud to be sponsoring the Food and Fibre Gippsland Excellence in Agribusiness awards.

Dyers will be a sponsor of the category ‘Dyers Excellence in Exporting’.

This award recognises the success of agribusiness that have tapped into the international market share by significant increase in product export or penetrated new export markets. As Silver Award Sponsors, Dyers provides funding and assistant through this initiative because it is an essential aspect of our corporate social responsibility. By fostering local events like the Agribusiness Awards, it strengthens our community ties as well as creating positive impacts to individuals’ society.


The Three Premier Awards

Overall Gippsland Agribusiness of the Year

Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year

Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year


Category Awards for 2024

Excellence In Collaborative Partnerships



Adaption To Change

Service to the Food and Firbe Industry


We encourage all our customers in the food industry to apply for more information please visit or general enquiries can be directed to Denne Kennedy, Jaydee Events or 0419 878 055.

Entries close 14 April 2024.