Knights of the Road

The 'Knights of the road' emblem has a special significance in Dyers history. In 1968 the business was in control of the second generation of Chas, Doug and Graeme Dyer and after only ever purchasing second hand trucks in the past they decided it was time to purchase a new truck.

The shortlisted vehicles were Kenworth and Atkinson. Graeme had set his sights on purchasing the Kenworth and called into Atkinson at Clayton to inform them of his decision. During the subsequent 3 hour meeting the team at Atkinson managed to convince Graeme that the Atkinson was significantly better in 5 areas, reliability, tare weight, fuel consumption, build quality and overall running costs. Even though the business had already been operating for 30 years this truck was officially labelled 'Number 1' and was the first truck to wear the distinctive Indian Turquoise and Plant Yellow livery. The Knight of the road emblem was on the grill of the next 21 trucks purchased and Dyers became a proud and higher profile company over this time.

(Picture of truck here)

Whether employees work on the road or in the depot the knight of the road is a fitting symbol to recognise employees who have served over 10 years alongside the Dyer families.

Now as the business transitions to the 3rd generation of Scott, Greg and David Dyer and the 4th generation become active in the business the same core values are acknowledged through the ‘Knight of The Road’ emblem. It represents that these individuals are our ‘Knights in Shining Armour’ who have proven to be the protector of our interests, stand proud, act honourably, lead others and display unwavering loyalty.

Knights will enter a realm whereby they receive special recognition each year they remain in active service with the Dyer family. Three distinctive emblems will be worn on their uniforms

(insert Pic of knight bronze) Over 10 years service: Bronze knight
(insert Pic of knight silver) Over 15 years service: Silver Knight
(insert Pic knight gold) Over 20 years Service: Gold Knight

Below is a list of our past and current Knights

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